Lhtaagh, Lhtaaw Black Oak

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image from McMinn and Maino, Pacific Coast Trees

Diijii aant'ee? What is it?

  • Ching aant'ee. It's a tree.
  • Uusits' dilk'ish diltcing. Its bark is dark brown.
  • Uut'aang' lhtsow. Its leaves are green.
  • Ch'int'aan kwt'iing. It has acorns.
  • Ch'int'aan dilk'ish, diltsow. The acorns are brown and orange-brown.

Diijii bilh aa't'iing? What do they do with it?

  • Chim-milh yeehchow--bii'k' baanaat'ai tc'ilhtcii. They make the center post in the dance house with the tree.
  • Ch'int'aan ch'aan--ee. The acorn is food.

Taahjii sk'ee' tc'ilhtcii. How do they make acorn soup?

  • Laashii'lhgaitc ch'int'aan ch'ibee. They gather the acorns in September/October.
  • Ch'int'aan k'ai'tbilh--bii' naa'ch'kwnibilh. They carry the acorns home in an open-work burden basket.
  • Ch'int'aan daahkw'itch'ilhsai-bii'--kw'it ch'ilhsai. They dry the acorns on a drying platform.
  • Haakwdang' ch'int'aan ch'ilhdik' uu'eest--bilh. They crack the acorns with a mortar.
  • Haakwdang' uusaayee' ch'ilhtcii. Then they take off its shell.
  • Haakwdang' ch'int'aan k'ee'sit uu'eest--bilh. Then they pound the acorns with a pestle.
  • Shaahnaa'--tc'ing' sai--bii' ch'aang' kaa'ch'shii. They scoop out a hole in the sand by the creek.
  • Ch'aam'-mii' tighaat naa'dilhghaalh. They pour the acorn flour into the hole.
  • Haakwdang' ch'aam'-mii' too naa'bilh. Then they pour water into the hole.
  • Ch'aam'-mii'k' tighaat bii'noo'ch'lheeh. They soak the acorn flour in the hole.
  • Haakwdang' t'astee teehnaa'ch'ilhdeeh. Then they wash the dough.
  • T'astee kiits'aa'--bii' noo'ch'lheeh. They put the dough into a basket-pot.
  • Too kiits'aa'--bii' noo'bilh. They pour water into the basket-pot.
  • Seelhtsow dee't'aash. They put blue-stones into the fire.
  • Seelhtsow silh--it, kiits'aa'--bii' tsee-bilhning'ghilai--bilh taayaa'ilhdilh. When the blue-stones are hot, they put them into the basket-pot with tongs.
  • See--bilh ch'ilhbitc. The boil it with the stones.
  • Ist'ee--hit sk'ee'--yee. When it's done it's acorn soup.
  • Kiits'aa'-yaashtc--bii' saak--bilh ch'ilhts'eeh. They eat it in a basket-bowl with a spoon.