Gaashchow Redwood

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image from McMinn and Maino, Pacific Coast Trees

Diijii aant'ee? What is it?

  • Ching aant'ee. It is a tree.
  • Nchaagh--'angii! It is really big!
  • Nees--'angii! It is really tall!
  • Uut'aang' doobing, doo-nteelh, tbiing. Its leaves are small, narrow, and sharp.
  • Uut'aang' lhtsow. Its leaves are green.
  • Uut'aang' gaash kwt'aang' kwaant'ee. It's leaves are like a yew's leaves.
  • Chin-sii'tc doobing kwt'iing. It has small cones.
  • Chin-sii'tc dilbai. The cones are grey.
  • Uusits' nchaagh, st'aang. Its bark is large and thick.

Diijii bilh aa't'iing? What do they do with it?

  • Naahneesh uusits'--bilh ghilyii', yaa'nii. Cahto people built houses with its bark, they say.
  • Uusits' yeeh--kw'it noo'ng'aang, yaa'nii. They put its bark down on top of the house, they say.
  • Yeeh-lai'k' aant'ee. It is the roof.
  • Taahshoo' Naahneesh chin-ch'djoosh--bii' nooninyiing, yaa'nii. Sometimes Cahto people lived in the hollow trees, they say.