Bintcbil-teegot Yellowhammer Feather Headband

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Yellowhammer Feather Headband image

image from Kroeber Handbook

Diijii aant'ee? What is it?

  • Teegot aant'ee. It is a headdress.
  • Bintcbil uut'aa'--bilh ghiltciing. It's made with yellowhammer feathers.
  • Bintcbil uut'aa' lhinch'ilai'. They tie together yellowhammer feathers.
  • Nees, nteelh, lhtciik dilgai. It is long, wide and light red.
  • Uut'aa' uulai' lhtcing. The tips of the feathers are black
  • Ch'sintaa' uutc'ing'aa silhchoos, naaning'ai'. It is in front of the forehead, extending across.
  • Sii'-bii'-s'aang beesgot. It is poked against the head-net (attached to the head-net with a pin).
  • Nindaash-it yaa'teelhchoos. They wear it when there's a dance.